McAfee NS9500

Again, Light and Heat invited us to collaborate on the creation of a promotional piece for the new McAfee's NS9500.
The central idea of the video is to portray product features and key benefits.
To address storytelling with the brand tone of a tech product we choose to use dramatic and technological metaphors such as streams of data, ripples, compression/expansion, light/dark schemes, among other narrative mechanisms.


Portray the client's branding and promotional vision through motion design.


An explainer video focused on client's style and vision.


Narrative Mechanisms

We developed an extensive library of on-brand graphic elements to unfold the narrative needs. Also, we worked a lot with graphic schemes to represent the script concept ideas visually.


The NS9500 was portrayed as a red dot that drives the narrative.
Information stream increments and product bandwidth expands
A bottle-neck of data stream
Everything goes dark when you can't identify a threat
The McAfee NS-series family

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