T3 Summit

T3 Sixty approached us with the opportunity to help in content strategy and create all video material for their annual think tank event T3 Summit hosted in the Intercontental Miami.

For this event, we created more than two hours of video distributed across the hotel in the conference room, registration desks, mezzanine, lobby and elevator lobby.
Working together with the marketing team, we managed to bring the new T3 Sixty brand to life, portraying to moving images the same concepts and values depicted in the branding guidelines.
The creative direction and animation was strongly based in variable types. Typography weight, kerning and size animation where used as the primary tool for portraying the brand statements.


Primary to bring the new brand to life, in addition, to provide content for all the screens distributed across the hotel in different conditions.


All the video content for the event, plus two full development videos for the opening and closing of the first day of the conference.


They were one of the best vendors I've ever worked with and I would hire them in a second.
Aman Daro • VP of Marketing • T3 Sixty
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Variable type animation tests
Animation test.

Hotel Lobby Animations

We designed and animated loopable, text-based videos to be played across the hotel lobby screens and interstitial for the conference room. Their content was based on the different lobby spaces and situation of the attendees, they included welcome messages, quotes, taglines, etc.


Elevator Lobby

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